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Keyboards have many and varied musical uses among several musical styles and genres. Electronic keyboards may have a smaller keyboard with 61 keys, the full 88 key keyboard, or somewhere in between. Keys can be non-weighted or weighted. Electronic keyboard functionality may include sound simulation of other instruments, pre-recorded songs, and the opportunity to create and record songs. Electronic keyboards may sound almost exactly like an acoustic keyboard, but don’t need tuning as an acoustic would require. Smaller keyboards can be more portable and accommodate a smaller room size or even a smaller student size.

At Texas Strings® We stock instruments for all levels of expertise and experience from Beginner to Professional. Instruments can be rented when beginner students want to take lessons before they decide whether they would like to pursue a specific instrument further. Our instrument rental program allows students to bank their rental credits and apply those credits to the purchase of an instrument when they are ready. Call for an appointment to meet with one of our instrument sales representatives who not only has personally tested each instrument, but is a qualified and experienced instructor who can demonstrate the capabilities of the instrument of interest.

Our staff can provide a comparison between each instrument’s capabilities as well as the potential venue usage and address any of the physical requirements necessary to successfully learn and perform using specific instruments.